Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cryoderm and Cryoderm Heat Review

Cryoderm and Cryoderm Heat for the Active Runner

As the snow starts to melt and the land begins to dry, people all over will leave the warm confines of their home for the increasing temperatures of the outdoors.  The parks will be packed with basketball and softball players, and the roads and trails of this country will be traversed by runners.  While the world becomes more active in the spring months nagging injuries, aches, and pains will become commonplace.  Sore joints, inflamed tissues, and shin splints can reduce the length and intensity of your daily work outs, but Cryoderm or Cryoderm Heat can offer your body help.

Cryoderm and Cryoderm Heat are natural topical pain relievers that soothe sore and inflamed areas.  Cryoderm offers the body a cooling sensation, while Cryoderm Heat heats up the skin.  Both of the products can offer instant relief, and some of their ingredients include the following:
  • MSM supports the health of the joints and tissue.
  • Eucalyptus is a natural pain reliever.
  • Arnica can help to fight swelling and bruising when applied topically.
These ingredients help with pain in different ways, and they can help to soothe painful tissues and joints.  The topical ointments used to fight pain contain chemicals that are absorbed into the skin.  The body is more likely to have a negative reaction to these ingredients, so it is important to use a natural pain reliever. 

If you find yourself experiencing small injuries that derail your exercise routine, you should try Cryoderm Heat gel, spray or rollon.  They are natural topical pain relievers, and they can help with sore joints, inflammation, and painful muscles and tissues. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cryoderm Roll On Review

Cryoderm is a great natural pain reliever that is easily applied to the skin, and it provides nearly instant pain relief.  Cryoderm provides a relieving cooling effect to the skin, and it may help to relieve pain in the joints, muscles, and tissues.  Cryoderm is one of the best topical pain relievers for two reasons: it comes in a convenient roll on and it contains arnica.

Topical pain relievers can be messy.  They usually require you to dip your hand into a jar of slimy gel, and it can be hard to get the right amount out of the jar.  After applying the gel there is inevitably excess that just goes to waste.  You'll need to be near a sink as well.  Simply wiping away the topical gel won't be enough to remove the gel, and if you don't wash your hands it could accidentally get into your eyes causing excruciating pain.  Cryoderm Roll On is easily applied to the skin.  Simply take the top off and roll it onto the painful area, and in only a couple moments you feel the cooling relief.

Cryoderm also utilizes Arnica, which is a great natural ingredient that rarely gets the attention that it deserves.  Arnica can help to fight many different kinds of pain, and it may also help to reduce inflammation.  It is a great way to help with muscle pain after physical activity, and it may also help to repair damaged tissue.

Don't live in pain any longer.  There is an easy way to quickly relieve pain in the muscles, joints, and body tissues, and it's called Cryoderm.  If you've also got muscle spasm, we recommend Relax Already, a great natural muscle relaxer. Cryoderm comes in a convenient roll on that won't cause a mess, and it also uses the super beneficial arnica.  Arnica is a great natural ingredient that helps to fight pain and inflammation, and it may also help to repair damaged tissue.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

CryoDerm for Athletes

Aches and pains are fairly common occurrences for most people, but for the athlete they can be far more prevalent and nagging.  There are various ways to help fight the aches and pains that can gather after a workout, and a lot of people often times use over the counter pain killers, like ibuprofen.  Although these pain killers do work, regular use of them can cause harm to the body.  Instead, an incredible alternative is CryoDerm.

CryoDerm spray or rollon is applied directly to the skin, and its affects are immediately noticed.  It helps to cool the skin and provide relief to the afflicted area.  Whether you're experiencing joint or muscle pain CryoDerm penetrates the skin and provides immediate relief, and it may also help with bruising and swelling.  Runners often experience the gradual accumulation of aches and pains, and then one day these pains can become unmanageable.  CryoDerm works to help fight these pains, and it can help to support a pain free recovery process.

No matter what kind of athlete you are you know that pain can quickly ruin your workouts and physical performance, so it is essential to fight pain in any way possible.  CryoDerm is a natural topical gel that provides immediate relief for your sore muscles and joints.   

Sunday, October 28, 2012

CryoDerm Heat Review

CryoDerm Heat
As the body grows older muscle pains and spasms can occur more frequently.  Muscle pain can originate from many different places, and their intensity can span a wide range.  CryoDerm Heat, previously called Thermoderm, is an all natural topical analgesic that can provide sore muscle relief.  Although the name has changed, the ingredients are the same and still offer great support for muscle pain.  It is easily applied to the skin, and you can feel the skin slowly heat up.  This helps to numb the pain and provide spectacular muscle pain relief.

CryoDerm Heat contains natural ingredients that can help with inflammation and pain, like boswellia, green tea extract, aloe barbadensis, and arnica.  It also contains MSM, which may help CryoDerm Heat to penetrate easier, and it may also help to numb the painful area.  Vitamin E is also in CryoDerm Heat to help support cellular function.  It is an antioxidant, and it may help to reduce cellular damage.  Vitamin E may also help to promote the development of new and healthy cells.
CryoDerm Heat also comes in two great forms.  One is a lotion that easily penetrates and rubs into the skin to provide muscle pain relief.  It also comes in a convenient roll on that is perfect for sore muscle relief in hard to reach places, like the back.

Muscle pain is an inevitable part of life, and it can be hard to find a natural product for sore muscle relief.  ThermoDerm has just changed its name to CryoDerm Heat, but it is a great way to provide the body with muscle pain relief.  If you find yourself dealing with muscle pains of any kind, try CryoDerm Heat.   

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CryoDerm Review

There are tons of topical pain relieving gels and ointments on the market.  Some of them work alright, but the ones that do work seem to leave a greasy film over the skin.  I've been playing racquetball for over a decade, and for the last five years or so I've been trying to find a topical pain reliever that actually works.  The pain I experience after a couple hours on the court doesn't happen all the time, but when it occurs I want a product that I know I can trust.  CryoDerm Roll On is a great natural pain reliever that I know can calm even my worst muscle pains.

When my back acts up it usually starts in between the shoulder blades.  This can make it painful anytime I move my arms, and after sitting on the computer all day the pain usually builds up into the bottom of my neck.  The mixture of back pain and neck tension is one of the worst feelings, but Cryoderm Roll On quickly alleviates this tension and pain.  It is easily applied with a few passes of the roller, and it only takes a couple of seconds to start working.  It starts with a light tingle, and the tingle compounds on itself and seemingly washes away any of the pain I was experiencing.

Prior to trying CryoDerm I tried a number of other topical pain relievers, and I was very disappointed with the results.  Most of them didn't work, and the ones that did work created a greasy film that covered the area that I applied it to for hours.  This grease sometimes even stained my clothing.  CryoDerm doesn't create a film the covers the skin, and the bottle says it is a grease-less formula.  I also haven't experienced any stained clothing since switching over to CryoDerm.

My favorite aspect of CryoDerm is that I no longer have to fear the pain I might feel after exercise.  I can play as hard as I want to, and I don't have to feel like I have to hold back.  If you experience pains of any kind I would strongly recommend that you try any of the CryoDerm products.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Massage Therapist Cryoderm Review

There's so much to love about Cryoderm. As a registered nurse and massage therapist, I’ve seen and tried a lot of topical pain relievers and I can tell that nothing can surpass or at least match the effectiveness of this topical analgesic.  Cryoderm spray contains natural ingredients, and that’s why it is very safe and does not pose any risk of suffering from side effects. It's a fast-acting and deep-penetrating natural pain remedy for anyone who has a very painful injury. It leaves gentle warmth feeling after use. I strongly recommend Cryoderm to my patients and friends so they can also enjoy the soothing relief that I’ve been getting from it from the day I started using it.

I’ll share with you how I first came across this product. It was summer last year when I injured my right leg while playing basketball. For a while, I had a stiff soar muscle in my leg and I was in a very terrible pain that I had to skip going to clinic for a few days while recovering. The very first remedy that I took was a prescription anti-inflammatory medication. I thought I’d be okay the next day after taking it. To my disappointment, it failed me. Worse, it had side effects that I’ve been dreading. A few hours after using it, I suffered from stomach ache and I even reached a point in which I became so exhausted. I drank plenty of water to keep myself hydrated because I felt I was going to faint. I was so frustrated that I just disposed of a bottle of this synthetic pain reliever right away. I don’t want to risk my health any further.  In the end, I just let the pain disappear on its own but it took some time for me to recuperate and get back in shape.
That situation led me to a new discovery that I’m really thankful for until now.

As part of my job, I usually attend medical seminars and conventions to gain fresh and modern insights about my profession. In one of these conventions, I was given some samples of this product. At that time, I don’t have any painful injuries so I just kept it in my medicine cabinet. But one day, I felt a throbbing pain in shoulder due to pulling a heavy luggage from one airport to another during one of my trips abroad. When I reached home, I opened my medicine cabinet and I found this natural pain remedy I received from the medical convention. And since it contains natural ingredients, I tried it anyway. In just a matter of hours I quickly felt that the pain was slowly reduced. At the end of the day, I could already move my arm freely. Suffering from an aching shoulder was a blessing in disguise. Because of it, I was able to find a new and effective pain reliever.
Now, I can’t help but spread this good news to my patients. I’m a walking testimony to Cryoderm’s efficiency as a pain reliever

Monday, May 31, 2010

How Cryoderm Solved BILL's Bursitis Pain

My brother-in-law is a carpet layer who developed knee bursitis because of frequent kneeling on the job. We’ve tried Cryoderm, a natural topical analgesic, on his  aching knees and he told me that it worked wonders in preventing the pain that has immobilized him for a week.

Bursitis is a condition where bursa becomes inflamed. A bursa is a sac filled with fluid that cushions the pressure points between your bones. It also prevents friction between your joints. Our knees have 11 bursae each. Bursae over the kneecap or the inner side of the knee is more common.

When I last visited my brother-in-law, he was in pain. His knees were swollen. When I touched it, it felt squishy. He complained that it was tender and felt painful whenever he moves it or touches it. He went to the doctor and was diagnosed with knee bursitis. His doctor recommended rest and some pain relievers.

I told my brother-in-law that he could have some Cryoderm pain spray, thinking that if it relieves my headache, it might work with knee bursitis. He thanked me and told me he’d do anything to stop the pain. A day after my visit, my brother-in-law called me. He was profuse with thanks, telling me that applying Cryoderm considerably reduced the pain that he was feeling. He asked me where I got my supply of Cryoderm. I gave him the website address.

Now, my brother-in-law is a firm believer of Cryoderm spray. Since he’s been very successful in his small business of carpet laying, he didn’t want to lose his clients. Tending to his knee bursitis pain with Cryoderm allowed him to continue the business without hiring an extra person.